Gods and Monsters: 5 Projects for The DCU

The DC Universe is Reborn

Doctor Praetorious: Before I show you the results of my trifling experiment, I would like to drink to our partnership. Do you like gin? It is my only weakness. [raises a glass] To a new world of gods and monsters!

The Bride of Frankenstein

The DC Extended Universe lost its way. It was built on a cracked foundation of Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad. Later movies and stars weren’t enough to save the series. The DCEU ends this summer with The Flash, but it will take more than the end of the universe to kill the Justice League.

A rebooted movie universe called The DCU debuts in 2025. The first story is Gods and Monsters. James Gunn has been brought in to lead the effort. The series introduces new Justice League actors and branches out into new heroes such as Booster Gold, The Authority, and oddballs like The Creature Commandos.

The upcoming slate of movies and shows are a great start, but we’ve got a few aces for their sleeves. Some work better as shows than movies, but all five picks have what it takes to make Gods and Monsters shine.

#5 The House of Mystery

Genre: Horror Anthology

Cain:You all know what a crocodile is, don’t you, kiddies? Maybe you’ve seen one at the circus or at the zoo, Hmmmm? Cute, eh? One of my favorite animals! Which is why I simply love this terror-tale I call… The Curse of the Crocodile!

House of Mysteries #219

Synopsis: An ill-tempered housekeeper named Cain takes care of the House of Mystery. Cain regales visitors with horror stories while fixing up the haunted house. His cowardly younger brother, Abel, frequently visits and gets on Cain’s nerves, resulting in a murder fitting for the tale he’s told.

Why this Project?: DC offers more than superheroes. Bringing out two of our top Horror Hosts would be perfect for a horror anthology. Cain and Abel’s fratricidal antics could bookend tales of the supernatural featuring journeymen actors. You never know what you’ll find when you enter The House of Mystery.

Show or Movie?: A show. An anthology can run indefinitely. Cain and Abel have been expertly cast in The Sandman, so this is an easy spin-off.

#4 Enemy Ace

Genre: Military, Drama

Von Hammer:When this conflict began, the Kaiser could not have envisioned a landscape so barren and devoid of life. A sea of mud that swallows the blood spilled across it. Am I simply a tool of war adding to the carnage? Am I here to kill… or protect those at home?

Booster Gold #16 (2009)

Synopsis: A German nobleman named Hans von Hammer is recruited as a pilot during World War 1. Ruthless efficiency makes him famous, but he privately broods about the war’s toll. Von Hammer continues to fight despite this uncertainty that showcases war’s darkness over heroics.

Why This Project?: Remaining grounded in reality can elevate a superhero story. Enemy Ace’s shining morality during one of the worst wars would be an excellent parallel to future heroes. While it wouldn’t make a good start to the universe, Enemy Ace would be perfect as a prequel.

Show or Movie?: A movie. Two hours would be enough to show Von Hammer’s introspection, the horrors of war, and the rise of the Axis. Von Hammer retires in the face of their atrocities and the new superpowered soldiers of the Allies, perhaps coining the phrase Gods and Monsters in-story.

#3 Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Amethyst: “As long as Gemworld needs fixing… I’ll join the fight.

Amethyst #5 (2021)

Synopsis: Evil king Dark Opal kidnaps a teenage girl named Amy and brings her to Gemworld, a gemstone-based dimension ruled by several noble houses. Rebels free Amy and reveal that she is Amethyst, the long lost crown princess who was hidden on Earth. Amethyst joins the rebellion to avenge her parents and free Gemworld.

Why this Project?: Gemworld changes each time the DC Universe is rebooted, so there are many ways to portray Amethyst’s story. Do you want lighthearted adventures? Witcher-style dark fantasy? A fusion of Steven Universe and Game of Thrones? Gemworld is as multi-faceted as Amethyst’s namesake.

Show or Movie?: A show. Episodes could split time between rebellion and diplomacy. If Dark Opal is defeated, that merely opens a power vacuum and makes royal politics more important.

#2 The Books of Magic

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Coming of Age

Tim: “It’s not just magic that has consequences. Life does as well. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a new book to read. ”

The Books of Magic (2020)

Synopsis: A coalition of magical heroes learn that a child named Tim Hunter will become the strongest wizard in the world. He could become a great hero or an unstoppable monster. The heroes introduce Tim to magic and he must choose whether to accept his destiny or remain a normal kid. And he’ll have to contend with people waiting in the wings to kill him.

Why This Project?: A dark-haired British boy learning about magic with an owl companion may sound familiar, but Tim was adventuring before Harry ever left his cupboard. Tim freely moves through DC’s magical community serving as a viewer’s guide. A proactive hero and deadly threats allows The Books of Magic to leave Hogwarts in the dust.

Show or Movie?: A movie. The first can show Tim’s introduction to magic and his decision to become a sorcerer. Sequels can focus on his growth from a timid child to a mystic powerhouse.

#1 Gotham Academy

Genre: Mystery, Teen Drama

Olive: [narrating] “I just can’t keep things bottled up anymore. Maybe it’s okay to lose it every now and then. Maybe it’s okay to let the darkness in. After all…I am my mother’s daughter.

Gotham Academy #2

Synopsis: Olive Silverlock attends the prestigious Gotham Academy. Alongside her D&D obsessed friend, Olive investigates rumors of a ghost on campus. Gotham Academy hides many secrets, but so does Olive. Something traumatic over summer vacation gave her amnesia. The only clue is her newfound fear of bats…

Why this Project?: It’s a safe bet that Gods and Monsters will feature Batman spinoffs. That’s just how DC works. Gotham Academy’s drama would be a welcome change of pace from Batman’s supporting characters fighting C-list villains. Great characters and intriguing mysteries could turn this series into The DCU’s version of Wednesday.

Show or Movie?: A show. Give the mysteries and characters room to build tension. The DCU can also give Gotham Academy a signal boost by having the fourth Robin, Damian Wayne, guest star. He was briefly part of the comic and will be the focus of Batman: the Brave and the Bold.

What shows or movies do you hope to see in The DCU? Tell us in the comments.

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