Netflix This Week March 29 – April 4

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Here are some highlights for the week of March 29-April 4:

Netflix Streaming

Coffee & Kareem (April 3)

coffe and kareem small poster

I’m not going to lie to you, Coffee & Kareem looks really, really stupid. It’s the story of an inept doofus police officer who ends up partnering with his girlfriend’s 12-year-old son to stop a major criminal conspiracy.

I know, I know. The kid doesn’t like the cop (played by Ed Helms) and through various machinations ends up not only exposing the crooks, but being part of the action packed and hopefully hilarious ruckus that ensues. I can’t help but like Ed Helms, and like the rest of the world obviously love Taraji P.Henson, so I’m hoping it isn’t as dumb as its premise.

Looking for a fun buddy action comedy? Try Horrible Bosses (you can rent this one for just $1.99 on Amazon) or Paul (available to rent on Amazon)

The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (April 1)

Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Series

Nope, before you even ask, I have not ever heard of Iliza Shlesinger. It would appear that she is a comedian, and she has five different comedy specials already streaming on Netflix. I have seen none of them.

I have, however, watched the trailer for The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show and it is funny. Kinda gross and raunchy, but also very, very funny. I will definitely be watching this – it’s the first season of her sketch show and why wouldn’t I want to see that???

Looking for more very funny women? Try Bridesmaids (it’s streaming on HBO and available to rent on Amazon) or Calendar Girls (streaming on Cinemax or available to rent on Amazon)

Netflix DVD Releases

Mr. Robot – Season 4 (March 31)

mr robot season 4 small poster

Mr. Robot is a weird, weird show. I got through the first two seasons but somehow missed the third (if you’re in the same boat you can catch up on Amazon Prime).

This is the fourth and final season for Elliot and his super hacker alter ego. Rami Malek is great in this role and I definitely want to see how they end this wild ride.

Are you in the market for more mind bendingly weird TV? Try Altered Carbon or The OA (both have two seasons streaming on Netflix)

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Iliza image courtesy of Netflix

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