The Rat Hoarder and The Cat Hoarder

Hoarders season finale presents likable rat hoarder.

I know.  That statement seems impossible, but it’s true.  I saw the previews like everyone else and was expecting the most singularly gruesome Hoarders episode ever on Monday night.  Hoarding rats?  Are you kidding?

But it was not to be.  Sure, it was gross, but every episode is gross.  And yes, there were more than a few squirm-inducing moments.  If you have a real rat phobia, please don’t torture yourself – skip this one.  But overall this was one of the most likable and sympathetic hoarders I’ve ever seen.

Not so with The Cat Hoarder.  She sucked.  Obstinate, entitled, bitter and mean, she fought the crew every step.  Her story is run of the mill hoarder – house filled with trash and cats and denial.  I say “is” because she failed.  With a capital F.

But Glen, The Rat Hoarder, was a different sort than we usually see.  Yes, thousands of domesticated pet rats had taken over his home and he was living in his office (presumably in another building).  Yes, they were swarming over every surface and in the walls and in the furniture.

Glen had a few (thousand) more than this

But wait.  What they were not doing was crawling over mountains of garbage.  Glen’s office wasn’t filled with garbage or crap or unopened QVC boxes, either.  The Rat Hoarder only hoarded rats.  And he loved them.  He had simply lost control of them.  Well, not “simply”, of course he let it happen.  But he was more about loving the animals and grieving over their condition than he was about maintaining his hoard.  He was willing to let them go to better homes than he could provided even though it obviously hurt him to do so.

In a rare move, I’m going to give props to Dr. Robin Zasio.  She did not tiptoe in and turn up her perfectly made-up nose in disgust – she recognized that these animals were actually important to this man and treated him and them with respect.  Extreme Cleaning Specialist Matt Paxton (I can’t help it – I love his title) did the same.  They extracted rats for two days, helped Glen work through the grief issues that landed him in that position to begin with and did it without being patronizing or mean.  Good job, Hoarders Team!

Sadly, that is the end of the season for Hoarders.  Basic cable definitely has weird notions of what makes up a “season” so I’m expecting new episodes this summer.  But what are we to do in the meantime???  Well, you can watch clips, episodes and comentary about the show on the A&E website or buy the first two seasons (I’ve even provided you a handy link to buy that second season right now!  You’re welcome) of the show to tide you over.  You can watch the new show airing Monday nights on A&E – Heavy – I’ll let you know if it’s any good.  I have a little something special in the works for you as well.  Stay tuned!

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