The Bunny Hoarder and The Chicken Hoarder

Oh, that’s gross.

A&E has done it again.  I didn’t think it was really possible that they could find a pair of hoarders that would gross me out more than the usual, but they did it.  This week on Hoarders, they had two people hoarding animals.  Ewww.

As always with animal episodes, I got a little queasy because I felt so sorry for the “pets”.  They’re seldom well cared for and often badly neglected.  In this case, one set of animals seemed pretty healthy, the other was awful.  Both people were particularly nasty specimens, making me want them to fail and just get everything removed.  There’s always some dysfunction in hoarder families, but these two were like King and Queen Hoarder.  They should be sentenced by animal control to live together, with no animals and their mountains of garbage,  and leave their poor families in peace.

We did get full doses of both my most and least favorite psychologists and organizers.  Dr. Robin Zasio is by far my least favorite of the psychologists – she of the multi-colored hair and too much spray tan and carefully modulated but still sensationalizing speech.  She got to deal with the nastiest, most deluded hoarder (I’ll call her The Chicken Hoarder) I’ve ever seen on the show (and if you’ve seen the show, that’s really an impressive achievement).  This time, when she declared the hoard the worst she’s ever seen (something she does regularly –  apparently she doesn’t actually watch the show), I think she might have really meant it.  As much as this hoarder made me cringe, it was nice to see someone completely reject Dr. Zasio and her psychobabble.

The other hoarder (I’ll call him The Bunny Hoarder) drew one of my favorite psychologists – Dr. Mark Pfeffer.  I like his quiet confidence and seldom does he make rash, unsupportable statements about the folks with whom he’s working.  The Bunny Hoarder was an angry, angry man and Pfeffer dealt with him exceptionally well.

We also got Extreme Cleaning Specialist Matt Paxton, who regularly switches from my most favorites to least favorites list, depending on his task.  He drew The Chicken Hoarder.  Poor Matt.  What with dealing with her psycho family and all the animals, he hardly got to do anything.  He did get yelled at for wanting to touch the barn hoard, but that’s about it.  No shovels filled with feces for Matt this week.  Not that there weren’t plenty of feces to shovel, he just didn’t get the chance.

Dorothy Breininger, another of my fave organizers, is the one who got to shovel the shit this week.  Bunny shit, to be precise.  She dealt pretty well with The Bunny Hoarder, in my opinion, as well as anyone could.  I like her mostly because she seems so kind – she gives the vibe of actually caring about the people she works with on the show.

Next week is the season finale.  I’m so sad!  I do so look forward to my regular Monday dose of Hoarders.  They’re starting a new reality show called Heavy, and yes, I will be giving that a try.  I have to have one guilty reality show pleasure and this one looks promising.  I’ll let you know what I think after the first episode.   Hopefully it will not include Dr. Robin Zasio.

You can watch this week’s episode of Hoarders yourself – it’s running in its entirety on the A&E website.  But gird your loins, Hoarders fans, it’s a doozy.

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  • poubeans

    January 5, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    Bunny hoarders? OMG, two of my favorite things in one... I just hope they don't collide like matter and anti-matter and suck me into a black hole of TV addiction.

    • Anonymous
      to poubeans

      January 5, 2011 at 11:22 pm

      Oh, but they will. Wait until you see this guy. And the bunnies are in good shape, so you won't have to weep openly. Keep yer shovel handy!

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