Netflix Makes The Blind Side Less Painful

I’m going to see it.  Dammit.

Ever since The Blind Side came out and began receiving critical acclaim, I have insisted that I was not going to see it.  Ever.  I lied.  I can’t help it!  The clip from the Oscars and Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speech (best of the night, I think) have forced my hand – I must give in.

But all is not lost – I don’t have to see it in a theater and pay theater prices.  I can save it for my Netflix queue.  Whew!  Once again, Netflix has saved me from shelling out major cash for a movie whose subject in which I have no real world interest.  Wanting to see Bullock’s performance is simply not enough to get me to pay over ten bucks per ticket.  I may have to wait a while for it to come out on DVD (the DVD release date is set for March 23), but that’s the breaks – I think it will be fine on the small screen.

I would love to support my local theaters, but I’m simply too cheap to pay their prices unless I really want to see the film RIGHT NOW.  Even then I get burned as often as not.  The DVD/internet revolution has saved me more money than I care to contemplate, and brought me film I would otherwise never have seen in its intended form.  That makes me happy.

If it turns out that The Blind Side (a football movie) is the best I’ve seen all year I will have to eat some major crow, though.  Anyone have a good recipe?

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