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The Blindside is currently available only to Netflix subscribers who have a DVD subscription. It is not available on Instant Streaming. If it does happen to become available on Instant Streaming, I will put it on the list over at Everything Netflix! It’s almost impossible to predict when or if movie will go to Streaming, so keep an eye on the list for the newest releases each week!

April 20th release date the first of a trend

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for years.  When new movies come out on DVD, they come out the same day on Netflix and I can get them within 48 hours.  Sweet!  But not anymore – at least not for some movies.

The Blind Side released to DVD on March 23rd.  It releases on Netflix April 20th.  What the what? It turns out that it’s a new deal (inked in January) that may be good for some corporate type folks, but kind of sucks for us movie watcher type folks.  Netflix has agreed to wait 28 days after initial release before it offers Warner Brothers movies for rental.  The Blind Side is a Warner Bros. movie.  Voila!  Late Netflix release (April 20th) for The Blind Side.  Booooo!

I have no idea what the logic is behind this deal – I don’t actually care.  But it does make my queue handling a little more annoying.  I don’t really mind waiting another few weeks – I’ve waited this long, it obviously is not going to kill me to wait a little longer.  And I’m sure as hell not going to run my butt over to some ratty old Blockbuster to rent it sooner.

Be aware that this does not affect every new release.  Only Warner Bros.  So if you’re chomping at the bit to see Sherlock Holmes the minute it releases on DVD (March 30th) know that Netflix won’t have it flying to your mailbox before April 27th.  On the other hand, if Avatar is more to your liking it should hit Netflix the same day it hits all DVD – April 22nd.  As a 20th Century Fox production, it is not affected by this weird decision.

So I have to wait for Sandra Bullock and Robert Downey, Jr. but I can have James Cameron right away.  Someone at Netflix hates me.

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