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No Internet?  No Problem!

Netflix LogoWell, happy holidays to us!  Netflix now has downloadable content.  Yep, that means TV shows and movies that you can grab on your mobile device and watch when you feel like it – wi-fi and data be damned.  This is great news for people who travel, work out at a gym with no wi-fi, or have a long commute on public transportation.  Or anyone who might be stranded (gasp!) in a wi-fi free zone for any period of time.  It looks like you can keep what you download as long as you like, though it will be a space hog so most people will likely get rid of it once they’ve watched it.

I haven’t used this feature, but I certainly will, the next time I know I’ll be traveling by plane.  It appears to be free with your subscription, though only if you have one that includes Instant Streaming.  All of the content I’ve seen so far that’s downloadable is only available on the Instant Streaming platform.  Which makes sense, since you can’t download if you can’t stream.

Anyway, this is a cool new feature!  It’s a nice way to compete with Amazon’s rental downloads.  And better, because, you know, free (sort of), but it doesn’t work on every device (it does work on my Nexus 7 tablet – you’ll find a list of requirements on the site).  Downloadable content is marked by a little down arrow (like this ↓), and you can find full instructions on the Netflix site.  If you’re on your desktop, sign into your account and go here: Downloading TV shows and movies on Netflix.  If you’re on mobile, just sign in and you’ll see prompts for the new service all over the place.

Sense8 Christmas Specialsense8

What a weird, weird thing this is.  At least in concept, the Netflix Original series Sense8 seems an unlikely candidate for a Very Special Holiday Episode.  But we’re getting one – and I’m glad.  I’ve missed this show that took me a fair number of episodes to get into, but once I did I was hooked.  I reviewed season one here. I’ve been waiting for a new season since 2015, and I’ll take anything I can get.  This two hour special is going to have to hold us all over until May, when the second season will air.

The OA

the oaHoly crap, I love this show.  It’s a brand new Netflix Original series that I will certainly be reviewing once I finish bingeing season 1.  It’s exactly the kind of character driven sci-fi that I adore, and has the same kind of appeal for me as Stranger Things (though they aren’t at all similar, really).  The basic premise is that a woman who disappeared seven years before returns to her home town, with her sight restored and a story she isn’t willing to tell to her parents or the authorities.  But she’ll tell us…and a hodge-podge group of high school kids and one teacher.  Because she needs them for her mission.  I don’t really know what that is yet – I hope to find out today when I continue my binge.  But this is a series that’s worth your time, my binge watching friends.  It’s only available on Instant Streaming, but I’m guessing will come out on DVD eventually.  Also, be still my fluttering heart – you can download it.

I heart you, Netflix.

Check out our Everything Netflix page, with continually updated release dates for DVD, Instant Streaming, and now download-ability.

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