Catching Fire Teaser Trailer


As some of you undoubtedly know, I was very excited about the first Hunger Games movie.  And I loved it – no angst

Photo of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

over the book to movie adaptation.  I knew from the minute they cast Jennifer Lawrence that the franchise had the chance to be great – at the time she had been nominated for her role in Winter’s Bone and now she’s won a Best Actress Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook.  She’s a fabulous Katniss.

Now the first trailer is out for Installment #2 – Catching Fire.  Philip Seymour Hoffman has joined the cast.  Again, perfect.  Take a look at the trailer for yourself – the movie opens in November, 2013.  There isn’t traditionally a lot to look forward to in Wisconsin in November except for the second month of our 7 month winter, so Catching Fire will be a fantastic way to take the edge off the chill!  Bring it, Katniss!

Check out the trailer!

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