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It turns out that I get a lot of queries about when things are going to be released on Netflix.  Or why they haven’t been released yet.  And lots of other things about my favorite online DVD rental service.  It’s only natural, because these things can be annoyingly confusing.

But I keep up with Netflix comings and goings pretty closely.  Closely enough, in fact, to be able to provide both information and entertaining bitching about the things that bug me.  And now you can access all that good stuff too!

As of today, Movie Rewind has launched it’s Everything Netflix page.  You can find it right here

Are you looking for 2011 Netflix release dates?  You’ll find them here.  Are you looking for a general overview of Netflix?  You’ll find that, too.  An explanation of the stupid 28 day delay that messes up release dates?  It’s all here.

Everything Netflix will be a constantly growing and changing page.  I’ll be adding release dates as I find them, adding related post links as I produce them (I always have more complaining to do – it’s one of my major life skills) and generally keeping everyone informed on the state of the Netflix world.  It’s where the cool kids will hang out. 

So go on over and check it out – it’s got a fancy tabbed format that makes me look tech-savvy and loads of information on everything from what will be released February 1st to the origins of that idiot release delay. 

Don’t worry, though – Everything Netflix will not be replacing my bi-weekly New On Netflix post.  I’m too devoted to that one to stop.  Plus, it’s one of the only times I get to legitimately use the strike-through key. 

So just in case you missed any of my obnoxious links, I’ll provide one more.  Here’s the shiny new page for Netflix questions and answers!

Everything Netflix

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