Mitch Rapp Final Poll – Butler, Bana, Jackman

Actor Kyle Chandler addresses US service members

With Friday Night Lights done, actor Kyle Chandler could have joined Orion Team

All New Mitch Rapp Movie Update – June 2011!

We asked Mitch Rapp fans who should play the Orion Team operative. After 40 million votes, America spoke, and oops, that’s American Idol.

But hundreds of you voted about Mitch Rapp’s Hollywood alter-ego. The results were surprising. There were great write-in candidates that gained only a little traction, Hawaii Five-O’s Alex O’Loughlin and Timothy Olyphant may have been the best.  Here is what blew our minds about your voting.

Two Aussies and a Scot.

For those of you who don’t like headlines, that’s Gerard Butler, Eric Bana and Hugh Jackman.  Not to be waving a flag, but this is Mitch Friggin’ Rapp.  You guys couldn’t vote for an American?  Fourth place finisher Colin Ferrell is Irish by birth, which left John Hamm, carrying 8% of the vote, as the lone American in the top 5.  We knew the situation was bad when Hugh Laurie had to cross the Atlantic to play a smartass American doctor because Lord knows there aren’t enough of those around.

My favorites for this role are Rob Morrow (FBI agent Don Epps from Numb3rs), Kyle Chandler (last seen on Friday Night Lights and coming up in J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 summer blockbuster) and Hung’s Thomas Jane.

But the time for throwing names in the ring is over.  Now we get to choose the fan favorite to play Mitch Rapp in Consent to Kill.  People have complained about everything from Butler’s accent work to Jackman’s inability to convincingly blend in with a crowd.  Cast your vote today for one of the three finalists:  Butler, Bana, Jackman, oh my!


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