A Guest Review of Hugo

It’s not me, it’s Steve

Once in a while, someone comes along who loves or hates a movie with such passion that I ask them to be a guest reviewer here on Movie Rewind.  It’s also really nice when the movie in question is one I have yet to see.  You get a review, you get a new reviewer and I get to whet my appetite for a great new film.

Today, the film in question is Hugo.  I have to admit that if not for Steve McCall, our guest reviewer du jour, and his wife Melissa I would never even have considered seeing Hugo in the theater.  It’s in 3D and I generally assume that 3D will suck with its gimmickry.  It’s a family movie, which I generally assume I will sleep through.  And the kiss of death – it’s directed by Martin Scorsese, for whose work I have an unreasonable dislike.  And yet…they loved it.  And I trust them.  They’re grown people like me, they like a lot of the things I like, they’re smart and witty and articulate.  I pretty much just want to be them.  What to do, what to do???

If you’re me, the thing to do is ask Steve to write a review to find out just what is so great about Hugo.  And write one he did, a masterful review that will get my lazy butt into a theater seat to view this fantastical film.  Go ahead – read it.  See if it doesn’t make you want to drop what you’re doing and lose yourself in 1930’s Paris for a while.  I know that’s what it does to me.  Hugo, take me away!

A big thanks to Steve for writing this review – hopefully I can convince him to do another someday.  And, as always, please enjoy the obnoxious multitude of links to the review itself.  I’m nothing if not consistent.

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