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About to fall through the 9,000 mark.  Just two more steps to go.   That’s nice.   A mixed bag on the questions and box office battle.  The questions are still repetitive, but it’s only $10K/day so it’s not like anyone is getting rich off them.  Still, it would seem to be smarter to tell someone they’re wrong, not tell someone they’re wrong, and by the way, here’s the answer unless  the questions rotate much more frequently.

There’s not much going on with my options after I cleaned out most of them this weekend.   The adaptation of The Flash continues to gather momentum.   I have a funny feeling that America is going to burn out on the coming glut of comic hero movies so I wonder if one in development without a signed director and no casting is really a smart bet since it’s been floating around for years.

Spider-Man 4, the franchise reboot with Peter Parker in high school this time, got hammered again after the folks on the boards read a little too much into Sony’s latest casting rumors.  The film is down another 3% just yesterday and well over15% this year.  I’m dumping out of it.  At $200/share, there just isn’t a lot of upside to holding this one.

Another franchise, the 23rd installment of James Bond, go hit again as well, but the exposure is half Spider-Man’s, it’s a film going forward, not a prequel and the price hasn’t been as volatile.

But things weren’t totally bleak.  I went long at 50,00 shares 0n Kids in America when it touched $1.   The film is now due out in January with Topher Grace, Anna Farris and Michelle Trachtenberg.  They’ve wrapped, and the stock is at $6 and climbing.  I love finding those little bargains!  Even if it still at $10 or $15 and gets awful pre-release buzz, it’s a terrific increase.

Today’s IPOs are ones you want to say no to, but just haven’t figured out how to do that yet.  Apatow is producing an untitled film with Kristen Wiig with a comedy plot around a wedding.  You want to say no because four films on HBO this month have the same plot, but it’s Apatow and Wiig is the latest SNLer to move to films.

The second choice may be worse.  You know those body-switching movies where a kid and adult change?   Yeah, I’ve seen ten of them too.  Instead of that tired old premise (cough), Universal is having Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman switch bodies.  They’re both adults, but one is “child-like”. You know, even if Reynolds goes shirtless for one crowd, and even if Bateman has become quite a comedian and the guys who wrote The Hangover are driving the script, I have to pass on this one.

At least this one has a title.  It’s called The Change-Up.  Now that’s original.

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