Superman, Batman on Hold – HSX

Today was a good HSX day, but I still slid back a little in rankings and won’t finish the month at anywhere near 9,000.

I did well on the questions, only missing because I didn’t realize James Caviezel played Dennis Quaid’s son in 2000’s Frequency. Four years later he was in The Passion of the Christ. That’s a seismic shift for an actor.

Perrier’s Bounty didn’t move from its IPO price, but I still like Brendan Gleeson in “a crime comedy”/

Some exisitng issues shot through the roof today for seemingly no reason. Avatar 2 gained $6/share despite James Cameron only having made one sequel in his career. Xerxes was up 9% to $53.18 and The Champions, which has Tom Cruise attached jumped 21% to $25. Cruise has two releases out before then, and if one or both sound like Valkyrie, Champions will be a tough TV show port.

A Hollywood Reporter article updating films based on comics moved a lot of projects. Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and John Malkovich has just wrapped. Ryan Reyonds is now cast as the Green Lantern. Superman and Batman are both on hold, which has crushed a Justice League move.

Meanwhile, Indian Summer, a period piece set when Britain had colonized India stars Cate Blanchett is quickly falling from favor. Hubble 3D has been sliding for two weeks and shows no signs of stopping despite naarration from studly Leonardo DiCaprio.

By the way, over in TV land, Fox has picked up Human Target which means I can safely watch the episodes stored on my DVR.

Son of No One looks like today’s hot IPO at $18. Check the cast of this police drama: Channing Tatum, James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta, Robert DeNiro and Terrence Howard.

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