Stephanie Plum Movie Coming – HSX Today

The vagaries of HSX rank.  Up a lot yesterday, but down in rank.  Up only a little today and shoot forward 29 spots.  It’s enough to make a movie fan think they’re at Cloverfield Part 8.  But I whipped through the questions for $18K and knocked down the $50K sweepstakes for a little boost.  At least it will cover the commissions.

On yesterday’s action, HSX fandom seems to like the notion of Uwe Boll directing Darfur.  Whether they like his B-movies or the notion of a film doing for Darfur what Hotel Rwanda did far too late for that country remains to be seen.  The Toby Kebbell IPO also went big, driving up $1 (3%) on its first day of trading.

The American Idol warrants are frozen until tonight’s results show at 9 p.m. eastern, but with presumptive finalist Crystal Bowersox at just over $20 now with a cap at $24 for the winner, there’s really not much upside to holding on to any of these tomorrow.  And remember, tonight 2 of the 9 finalists are axed so the competition for that little bit of extra money probably isn’t worth the gamble.  With only 10,000 units available, Bowersox’s upside is just under $40K.   You get that much for answering questions in two or three days.

My traditional puts are doing well.  I had been worried about shorting Venom, but the stock started crumbling today.  The Goosebumps movie in development continued its slide and ended just above 7.25 and has now lost half its value over the last year.  Another development project, Djimon Hounsou starring as Conan character Thulsa Doom, is also almost of any space.  The stock is down more than $5 from a $7 high over the last year.  I’m glad I’m shorted Thulsa, and I’m totally clear of this 0ne now.

Speaking of mythical stuff, let’s get today’s big news out of the way.  The Whedonverse almost exploded into the mainstream when Joss BuffyAngelFireflyDolhouse was tabbed to direct yet another remake of The Avengers.   The cast is insane:  RDJ (which means Sue will actually watch the movie first-run), Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson and all the others.  Word is that Edward Norton could reprise his role as The Hulk.   The Avengers shot up 9% to well over $200, carrying Iron Man 3 and the entire genre on its back.

Just remember this from a fellow Joss fan:  he doesn’t exactly work well with A-list talent.  NPH still isn’t quite there, sorry.  And when you keep going back to Elisha Dushku and Adam Baldwin, you’re not in the Scarlett-Cheadle-Downey camp yet.   Jackson, Cheadle and Downey have 5 Oscar nominations between them.  Scarlett has 4 Golden Globe nominations.  Elisha fills out a tank top nicely and Baldwin has nice comic timing that he has honed on Chuck.  Just remember that Joss was supposed to bring Superman and Wonder Woman to life.   The Avengers will be released, and Hollywood’s script doctor, has another shot at a big budget.

Now that the entire Buffyverse hates me, check out Katherine Heigl coming to One for the Money, the first Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich.  In June 2006, Evanovich told Book Help Web (our sister site) that TriStar owned the rights to the Plum series.  The author accused TriStar of being “clueless” about how to bring Stephanie Plum to film.


Go long.  Evanovich is money.  The movie may be horrible, but the first one will sell.

Heigl is also attached to a rom-com onboard  a cruise ship.  Eh.   I don’t know if she’s got the overt comedy chops to make it successful, but it’s worth the $20 IPO.  Finally there are opening weekend options for The Losers at $20 million and The Back-Up Plan at $10 million.  Give it a shot at $20 million.   The country needs some goofball slapstick.

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  • suemillinocket

    April 15, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Heigl. Bleh. The Back-Up Plan. Bleh. RDJ. YAY! It's a Cryptic Comment Day.

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