Selena Leads Ramona Cast In Feel Good Summer Flick – HSX Today

Don’t you hate when you have a good day, bring in $500K and fall back in the standings?

Me too.

I sailed through the setup and daily chores, only faltering when I said Spielberg’s first Oscar nom was for Jaws.  Oops.  And I learned that the Apatow flick starring Kristen Wiig that launched an IPO yesterday will be called Bridesmaids for now.  Not a bad title.  I’ve just seen this film a dozen times.

My options look good.  Zero Theorem is in free fall and down another 2.3% to $5.38.  I shorted that puppy because it’s still listed as “Concept”.  I don’t understand why traders go long on anything short of development.  That stage doesn’t necessarily save a film.  Chris Columbus’ RFK is no closer to success this week than when I last told you to short it.  My big recent gamble in options was shorting Venom at $18.76.  No movement yet, but I think it’s simply going to stagnate.

Market volatility was great today.  Traders continue warming (as I did) to Jennifer Anniston, Nicole Kidman and Adam Sandler in Pretend Wife.  There is a box office stud for three different demographics and a mid-February 2011 release date.  If the release date holds, this could be another Sandler rom-com that succeeds beyond everyone’s expectations.   Traders have it up over $70 now, including another 7.4% yesterday.

Also way up is Ramona and Beezus.  Please tell me you have a soul and read these books as your early chapter books when you were a kid.  I’m an old dude, and even I did. Ramona rocked.    A female director, a female writer and three rock solid actresses (Bridget Moynahan, Sandra Oh and one of my fave Big Lovers Ginnifer Goodwin) anchor the cast and ensure that some ham-handed guy won’t wreck the story.  Yeah, I’m sexist, but don’t mess with my childhood.  And tweeners will love Selena Gomez as Beezus, complete with a new Selena track.   Families traveling down nostalgia lane in mid July this year mean Ramona will rock the box office.  It’s on my short list especially since my wife makes me things like Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia.   The trailer is at the end of today’s post.

Today’s IPOs are a bit different.  Our friend RazorHawk, The HSX Dude, makes a sound argument for buying the Toby Kebbell IPO.  I’m willing to go there with him.  Sometimes he presents a slam dunk, but this one requires a little analysis.  If you believe Prince of Persia will hit, then the IPO is a no-brainer.

Another dude who makes his living around video games is Uwe Boll, who directs horrible movies based on those games.  This time the 44 year old director is tackling serious subject matter in Darfur.  This isn’t a documentary and the cast isn’t especially well known, but I would really like to see what someone with that much time directing films can do with important subjects.  I’m going long and betting with my heart, not my head.  I wouldn’t urge you to follow.

Because it’s apparently war day on HSX, the film Georgia is also in IPO.   Andy Garcia, Heather Graham and Val Kilmer lead a well known cast.  I like the idea and am reminded of Angelina Jolie’s turn in A Mighty Heart.  I’m going long based on the cast and not on Boll’s fellow schlock-meister Renny Harlin directing.  But yes, a secret part of me wants Renny to succeed too.


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