Sandra Bullock Wins Major Award!

Too bad she gets the Globe for a movie I’ll never see

I really like Sandra Bullock.  I recognize that she isn’t Meryl Streep – I don’t love her for her incredible acting ability (that’s you, Meryl).  I just like her presence on film.  She comes across as sincere and likable even though she’s usually in romantic comedies (not my genre of preference).  As George mentioned yesterday, her movies do not usually bring in huge bucks, yet she has been working steadily for over fifteen years and shows no signs of quitting any time soon.  That makes me happy.  She has a good feel for physical comedy that usually makes her characters far more endearing than they have any right to be (yep, I’m looking at you, The Proposal).

I’m truly glad that she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama.  It isn’t something I ever expected – Sandra doesn’t really do much drama (unless you count the traditional seven minutes of pretend pathos in every rom/com) and light comedy doesn’t get a lot of awards recognition.  What makes me not-so-glad is that she won the award for The Blind Side – a movie that I will likely never see.  No matter how big a movie nerd I may be, I won’t see a movie even with my favorite performers if it holds no intrinsic interest at all.

I know, I know – I admited seeing her romantic comedies.  Yes, even Hope Floats and Miss Congeniality.  And no, those don’t hold a lot of intrinsic interest for me.  But I plead genetic predisposition – chicks sometimes need chick flicks.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Bullock makes the chick flick a tolerable and even enjoyable experience.  For that alone she deserves and award in my book.

But football?  Please!  I don’t care about football!  I don’t even care if the story is more about inspiration than football – it’s still about football!  I know my aversion to the game makes me un-American or a freak or at least painfully in the minority.  I just wish Sandra had gotten the big name award for a movie I had the slightest bit of interest in seeing.  Unless someone pays me or I can see it for free , this one isn’t happening.

So congrats, Sandra – will you please now make a critical darling about something else?  Anything else?  If you do, I promise not to make fun of your goofy hair at the Golden Globe ceremony.  Trust me, that takes willpower.

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