Losers Lives Up To Billing – HSX Today

Did The Losers live up to its name or what?

HSX had a $20 million weekend option on the Chris Evans vehicle.  Remember when I asked last week if Chris Evans could carry a movie?  I actually meant a future film since I thought The Losers had enough going to at least open at $10 million plus, but it not only finished behind two older releases, three others almost caught it.  Even with a modest drop next week, this one will go into week three of release nowhere near $20 million, which puts those of whose bought calls out a tiny speck of HSX dough.

My other options are doing much better, thank you.  Super Max, based on The Green Arrow, is falling as I thought.  Sue and I keep preaching comic fatigue.  It’s actually cyclical and very similar to the trend I saw when I bought WWE stock for real.  After spending a long time with the data and seeing a roughly 6 year cycle, I jumped in it a decent low and closed the position on its way up.  In real life, I’m a buy and hold guy, but I flipped wrestling like a day trader.  And boy, do I want to do the same on HSX with most comics-based stocks.  Meanwhile, Super Max is trading in the mid $7 range and has plenty to fall if you have some spare cash laying around.

Both Contagion and Avatar 2 dipped a bit today, but the market gyrations don’t seem worrisome.  James Cameron is talking openly about an Avatar sequel.  Contagion has a cast looking much like Oceans 14 might:  Paltrow, Winslet, Damon, Law, all directed by Stephen Sondbergh.   The release date is pushed and some may be skittish, but Contagion is still blockbuster material.   Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey pulled off the same trick with a hit in 1995’s Outbreak.  Remember about those cycles?

Everyone’s favorite cyclical monster, Godzilla, continues to shake off visions of Matthew Broderick and return to his cheesy wonder.  Still two years from a release date, the HSX stock has popped 24% in 2 days.

Today’s IPOs are a bit blah, but one worth your time might be Clive Owen in Intruders.  I’m not even sure the Latin-flavored thriller will do especially well or even if Owens’ career may be temporarily derailed after appearing in David Schwimmer’s directorial debut this year.  But with little else for traders to do after a Sunday off, Intruders might see a small pop before falling.  At $25 and with Universal onboard, there are worst gambles to take.

You could’ve called The Losers at $20 million in its opening weekend, for example, or you may be holding tickets to David Schwimmer directing a film about a little girl and an online sexual predator.

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