Howard, Eastman Bring Hoover To Life – HSX Today

Nice pickups over the weekend on the Saturday IPO and the various games.   My 90 day chart is almost re-populated since the February reset, but more importantly shows a steep increase.

Deal With The Devil continues to be a dog of a stock I’m glad I shorted.  Out of Lionsgate, there is no one attached to the stock now and it’s floating around at just over $3, down from a 52 week high of nearly triple that.   This is one of the rare stocks that don’t reflect the HSX community’s fixation with comic stocks because this is an adaptation of a Mark Miller book.  If you haven’t done so yet, it looks like a fine short at $3.44

Appealing to a younger demographic, but sliding just as fast is the Goosebumps adaptation that no one seems to know what to do with.   I’m reminded of when studios were desperate to make a Mario Brothers film.  Bob Hoskins surely would like us all to forget that particular movie.  Goosebumps is down again–nearly a dollar this month and $2 for the season.  At a much higher price of $7.02, it’s a fine option to short.

Concepts, my favorite category to short, continue sliding as well.  While I would love to see Anthony Hopkins in King Lear, no one has the project despite a trio of beauties in Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightley.  Shakespeare is usually a tough sell in modern box office.  This cast would make the film much more interesting, but no less accessible, which is why it’s now down to $4.35.

And finally in the shorts section, Wolfgang Petersen has Sony backing a scifi thriller called The Uprising. I’ve been shorting this one forever, and it’s under $6 now after a nice long stay in double digits.

Today’s exciting IPO (I think we can ignore the Attica reboot) is Hoover, a biopic of everyone’s favorite transvestite lawman.  Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, with more than a few “based on a true story” hits have the screenwriter responsible for Milk on the script.  Now get this:  Clint Eastwood is directing Leonard DiCaprio.  Interested yet?   Swap out Leo for Matt Damon and it wins 3 Oscars instead of being nominated for them, but if  this puppy gets made, we’ve got a must-see film the month it is released.

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