Antoine Fuqua to Direct Gerard Butler

Not in Consent to Kill…yet.

Well, there’s still no word on the cast for the Vince Flynn novel/movie Consent to Kill, but the named director for the film, Antoine Fuqua, will be working with Gerard Butler, a fan favorite for the lead role, in another movie.

Fans of both Butler and Flynn have been hoping that the the handsome Scot would be cast as Mitch Rapp, Flynn’s hard-boiled detective.  It looks like they’ll be getting a preview of how the actor/director pair hits it off in the film adaptation of the comic series Afterburn, a sci-fi/apocalypse/treasure hunt actioner.

According to, the film has a script, someone on board to edit said script and producers in line.  Now with a director and announced star, we’ll see how long it takes to come together.

If Butler and Fuqua hit it off, maybe the pair will indeed decide to repeat in Consent to Kill.  Flynn and Butler fans await!

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