Alice in Wonderland Hauls in Beaucoup Bucks

It may be weird and creepy, but it’s a big ol’ cash cow for Tim Burton

I still completely stand by my assessment that Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland looks creepy and crappy.  But according to Box Office Mojo, the thing made 116 million smackers in its opening weekend.  What the what? (Thank you, Tina Fey).

I totally don’t get the appeal – of either the original story or this very weird looking version.  Johnny Depp is pretty – but not here.  The story is for children so I suppose desperate parents stuck in an endless winter (well, at least in the Midwest) are looking to get out of the house with their kids.  Maybe adults have fond memories of the story.  But memories lie, people!  The story makes no sense and adding Tim Burton just ups the creep-factor.

But number don’t lie.  $116 million.  Is the movie really that good?  Why does everyone want to see it?  Someone please, explain this to me – I’m losing faith in humanity.  A 3-D cheshire cat just can’t merit that big of a payday.

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