Oscar, Oscar! Wherefore art thou, Oscar? For whom does your Golden Bell toll? Okay, I’ll stop…

Oh, I love December.  Yeah, yeah, there’s the whole holiday thing – but I’m talking movies.  Oscar bait movies.  The ones the studios hold onto until right before the end of the year so they will be fresh in the minds of Academy voters yet still eligible for the 2010 festivities.
So what have we this time around?  Will anyone remember how much they loved the reboot of the Star Trek franchise?  Released long before the Golden Season, it definitely got a lot more positive press than anticipated.  Could it possibly garner some Oscar love?
Are there people who (unlike me) don’t hate Quentin Tarantino and his Inglourious Basterds?  Brad Pitt is a mighty force with which to be reckoned – even if he got released to the admiring throngs in August instead of December.
The whole world loved Up – will it have to settle for Best Animated Film or could it possibly break into the ranks of Best Film?  The questions, oh the questions!
And those are just the movies that are already well known entities.  What about James Cameron’s massive budgeted Avatar?  Is it just massive budget (and massive Cameron ego) or will it eventually live up to its ad campaign?
Do we hear any buzz around Brothers?  With the combined talents of Jake Gyllenhall, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire it will surely appeal to, well, anyone with eyes.
How about Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones?  Loved the book – will the movie exceed or disappoint?  Or the Coen Brothers’ annual entry into the golden man sweepstakes, A Serious Man?  Is the academy sick of Joel and Ethan?  Does the movie suck?
What about Viggo Mortenson in The Road?  A Cormack McCarthy novel adaptation has certainly scored big before.  Maybe director John Hillcoat can draw some of that Coen lightning his way.
Maybe a little Sherlock Holmes (okay, I’m reaching)?
And of course we can’t leave out the Golden Globes nominations darling, Up In the Air.  I have to admit, I would love to see Clooney take home an Oscar.  I believe he has the talent and the overall star shimmer to do the little statue proud.  The Globes don’t always predict Academy Awards, but often enough to boost the status of the film.
I have no answers, only questions.  ‘Tis the season for predictions – bring ’em on!

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