My Coen Coma

I have all the respect and admiration in the world for Joel and Ethan Coen.  They make good movies and I generally enjoy them.  I even liked Burn After Reading.  Clearly, I’m easy.  When they release something in December, I’m thinking Oscar bait.  And indeed, their latest has garnered a Golden Globe nomination for lead actor Michael Stuhlbarg.  I’m in, baby!

But now I have doubt.  I went to see A Serious Man.  In the theater.  The expensive theater.  And I fell asleep.

Let’s put this into perspective.  My husband routinely falls asleep during movies we watch together.  In memory I have fallen asleep during precisely two.  He loved them both – but that’s a whole different psychological marital issue that I can discuss sometime with Dr. Phil.  And I do not – ever – fall asleep in a theater.  So what the hell?

The most basic assumption would have to be that I was tired.  And that would be true.   But I’m always tired so that’s not a good enough explanation.

The real truth is that the languid pacing did me in and lulled me into a nice mid-feature nap.  In a different world, one with less comfortable movie seats, I would have a stunningly eloquent review of A Serious Man for you to read.  Instead I will just say that the thing is damned slow and you might want to load up on some caffeine before heading to the theater.

I’m a little disappointed, Joel and Ethan.  I trusted you to at least keep me awake.

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