Heigl of Grey’s Anatomy won’t request Emmy nomination

How often do you hear a story like this? Actress Katherine Heigl, who won a Best Supporting Actress Emmy last year, has declined to seek another nomination this year. In a statement to the Associated Press yesterday, the star of Grey’s Anatomy and last summer’s Knocked Up said that she felt she didn’t receive “materials” worthy of another nomination (translation: her storylines and/or dialogue weren’t up to snuff), and she didn’t want to take a spot away from someone else. An unexpected move, this will burnish Heigl’s reputation for honesty, though I can’t imagine that the producers will be terribly thrilled with her comments or her decision, especially since Heigl was the show’s only winner last year. The only people who might be happy are Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson, who (if nominated again) will only have to split the Grey’s Anatomy vote two ways instead of three.

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