No end soon for strike

TV Guide reports this morning that it’s unlikely that the Hollywood writer’s strike will be resolved by the start of the new year. Consequently, you’ll see early season finales for “Heroes,” “Pushing Daisies” and others.

Also, because of the outcry over Ellen DeGeneres’ return to her hosting gig, it seems unlikely that other talk show hosts will come back to the air soon, even to prevent the layoff of their staffs. There had been some reports that “The Tonight Show” might consider guest hosts for the program, but that seems to be unlikely as well.

One show that won’t be seen this season at all as a result: Fox’s “24”. The network decided that to avoid running the risk of the show not being able to run in its entirety, that it simply won’t air this season. Not that Fox needs to worry – shortly after the start of the year, it’s got its ratings giant “American Idol” returning to the schedule.

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