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Australian actor Simon Baker, born in 1969, was “discovered” in his native land in 1992.  It was in that year that he received Australia’s Logie Award (similar in spirit to an Emmy Award), given for Most Popular New Talent.

On the set of The Mentalist

After starting out working in music videos, Baker appeared in a string of popular Australian television series before relocating to the United States in 1997.  His first American role was a small one – but in a big movie; L.A. Confidential.  What followed was a string of small roles in movies like Judas Kiss, Ride With the Devil and Red Planet.  The same type of role continued as his big screen staple as he was tapped to star in a series of short lived TV programs including The Guardian and SmithThe Guardian lasted several seasons and was successful and acclaimed enough to place the handsome Baker in the spotlight as a viable series lead.

In 2008 CBS picked up the pilot for a quirky police procedural series called The Mentalist, starring Baker and putting him into the television limelight as the series became one of the most successful launches of the season.  His smart, wisecracking character, Patrick Jane, headlines an impressive cast including Robin Tunney, Malcolm McDowell and one of The X-Files creepiest alums, Pruitt Taylor Vince.

Baker married Australian actress Rebecca Rigg in 1998.  The couple has three children.  Baker splits his time between Los Angeles and Sydney.


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