Colin from Accounts – Season 1


Is that a unicycle?

Main Cast: Harriett Dyer, Patrick Brammall

Created, Written, and Directed by: Harriett Dyer, Patrick Brammall

I like to end my evening with a sitcom. It doesn’t have to be good, or new, but when I find one that’s both I like to share. I stumbled on Colin from Accounts on Paramount+ and I’m glad I did.

Colin from Accounts is an Australian series whose initial set-up is far more complicated than the entire rest of the show. Ashley (Harriett Dyer) flashes Gordon (Patrick Brammall) – just a little bit – as she crosses the street. He in turn gets distracted and hits a dog that has strayed from home.

It’s a weird meet-cute, but in a good way. We get to see both Ashley and Gordon in their awkward, fumbling glory right from the jump.

The series then follows the pair as they attempt to care for this new canine addition to their lives. They name him Colin…from Accounts.

Like every romantic comedy, Colin from Accounts lives or dies by the chemistry of the leads. Dyer and Brammall, who are married in real life and created the show, do a great job with the messy lives of their characters. They come across as damaged but lovable humans who have no idea what they’ve gotten into. A significant age difference between Gordon and Ashley drives the plot and adds to the comical awkwardness.

The supporting cast is, after this first season, just starting to flesh out into more than props. Ashley’s self-centered mother, Gordon’s sarcastic business partner, and a couple of exes that don’t want to leave the scene give our duo lives outside of their injured dog.

I really enjoyed this eight episode first season (the series has been renewed for a second). The leads both have good comedic timing and an air of perpetual miscalculation that befits their characters’ circumstances. The more we learn about them, the more we like them. That Dyer and Brammall (who I recognize from the show Glitch) created the show from whole cloth makes it even more fun.

Colin from Accounts is comfort content and for that I love it. It is a pleasant note on which to end the day brought to us by a very talented couple. Bonus: I learned some new Australian slang. I look forward to next season.

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