Vibe: Who is The Guardian of the Multiverse?

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Vibe: More things are going to breach our dimension, and you’re going to need someone who knows about the multiverse and its energies in order to stop them. Someone like me.

Justice League of America’s Vibe #10

A gang approaches an orphanage. The owner hasn’t paid his protection money and needs to be taught a lesson. One of the thugs hurls a Molotov Cocktail at the building. A blue portal opens in front of the bomb and it disappears. A man steps out of a second portal. The air seems to hum as he fires a blast of vibrational force that knocks out most of the gang.

Two thugs dodge the blasts and rush him with baseball bats. The hero ducks under a swing and sweeps his attacker’s legs out from under him. The hero uses the momentum to spin on his hands while his windmilling legs force the other thug to dodge. A final rotation ends as he fires another blast. The last crook falls as Vibe jumps to his feet.

Vibe is one of DC’s most powerful characters. Originally created as a gimmick, he has since become a steadfast member of the Justice League. So who is he? Why is he so powerful? Why are there two Vibes? Let’s find out. 

Detroit’s Defender: Vibe’s Backstory

Paco Ramone:Word’s out on the street some awesome things’re happening here. Word is chu guys are Chustice League. I figure, guys like chu and me, we should be on the same crew.

Justice League of America Annual #2

Vibe debuted in Justice League of America Annual #2 in 1984. He was created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton to cash in on the breakdancing fad and appeal to Hispanic readers.

Francisco “Paco” Ramone was a metahuman gangbanger living in Detroit. He learned that Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter were forming a new incarnation of the Justice League in his hometown. With little interest from others, they reluctantly agreed to include him.

Paco called himself Vibe as a reference to his vibrational powers and ability to weaponize breakdancing. Vibe’s criminal past caused PR problems for the Justice League, but he soon proved worth the hassle. He played a small, but pivotal role in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, using his vibrations to help stabilize the remaining Earths and allow them to coexist in the same universe.

Vibe’s career ended quickly after Justice League Detroit disbanded. Vibe defended a child being attacked by a robot. He bought the child time to escape, but was strangled by the murderous machine. Vibe has the dubious honor of being the first Justice Leaguer to die in the line of duty.

Once More, Unto The Breach: Vibe’s History

Cisco: “Oh, I knew there was another me here.
Reverb: “And I knew you were coming, Cisco. Even before you went to the breach and set foot on this world. See, we are all connected… Francisco.”
Cisco: “The name is Vibe.

The Flash “Welcome to Earth-2” (Season 2, Episode 14)

Vibe was never truly resurrected. He was reanimated a few times to attack various heroes and was occasionally seen in other universes, but Paco Ramone wasn’t popular enough to be brought back.

A new version of Vibe was introduced in DC’s New 52 imprint. This was Cisco Ramone, an everyman whose DNA was altered by exposure to one of Darkseid’s Boom Tubes. He gained seer abilities and the ability to sense interdimensional breaches along with the standard vibrational powers.

Vibe was quickly recruited for the Justice League of America, a federal government counterpart of the Justice League. While he was a good team member, Vibe’s potentially god-like power and reluctance to follow ruthless orders worried his handlers. The JLA decided it was best for Vibe to remain in Detroit, which had become a focal point of the multiverse.

Good Vibes: Vibe’s Powers and Personality

Cisco: “Are you telling me I can see the future?
Wells: “That’s exactly what I’m telling you.
Cisco: “Those goggles are getting amped. Immediately.

The Flash “The Reverse-Flash Returns” (Season 2, Episode 11)

Vibe has the power to manipulate vibrations. During Paco’s time, this meant he could fire shockwaves and trigger localized earthquakes. So can Cisco, who also has the ability to see the future by “vibing” a target. Both versions of Vibe are skilled breakdancers and incorporate dance moves into their fighting style.

Vibration is the core of DC’s multiverse. Each universe is in the same place, but vibrates at a slightly different frequency. Vibe’s powers are perfectly designed for manipulating DC’s dimensional physics. He can sense intruders because they resonate at a different frequency. Vibe can also open breaches to other universes, allowing him to teleport.

Paco was goofy and pretended to be a moron to make people underestimate him. Cisco is more grounded and amiable. This was another cause of friction with the JLA, who wanted him to be pragmatic.

The Actors Who Play Vibe

Carlos Alazraqui – DC Nation Shorts
Jason Vargas – Young Justice: Outsiders
Carlos Valdes – The Flash

Didya Get All That?

A criminal turned guardian.

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