Killer Frost: Who is the Frozen Femme Fatale?

The Cold Never Bothered Her Anyway

Caitlin: “Growing up, I used to practice the Hippocratic Oath. I was obsessed with it. If anyone was even going to step on a bug, I would say, “Do no harm.” It’s built into my DNA. Unfortunately, my DNA isn’t what it used to be. So, believe me when I say [holds an icicle like a dagger] answer every one of my questions or I will harm you and your family.

The Flash “Killer Frost” (Season 3, Episode 7)

A man is walking home on a summer night. He shivers as a breeze passes by. The further he walks, the colder it gets. Looking up, he sees snow falling. All the while, the breeze built to a howling wind. He starts running in search of shelter and slips on a patch of ice.

The man struggles to stand, but can hardly focus because of the shivering. He sees a silhouette in the haze and calls for help. A woman approaches. She has white hair and blue lips. She kneels down and kisses the man. His body freezes as Killer Frost drains his heat.

Killer Frost is one of DC’s premier ice villains. She was created to be Firestorm’s archenemy, but eclipsed his popularity. So who is she? Why are there three Killer Frosts? How many Frozen references will we make? Let’s find out.

Crystal Frost: Ice Queen

Killer Frost:When I was plain and unappealing Crystal Frost, men rejected me. They called me cold… unfeeling. I never had a lover… never had a love of my own…

Fury of Firestorm #4

Killer Frost debuted in Firestorm #3 in 1978. She was created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom.

Crystal Frost was a brilliant and lonely university student. She was in love with her teacher, Professor Stein, and rejected every other man who tried to woo her. This caused her to develop a reputation for being cold-hearted. Crystal eventually confessed her feelings to Stein, but he turned her down because he was married and her teacher.

A heartbroken Crystal developed a misandry streak a mile wide. She was accidentally locked inside a “thermofrost chamber” while it was active and was frozen. Crystal somehow survived the experience and was mutated, gaining the power to absorb heat and conjure ice. She called herself Killer Frost and swore to kill Professor Stein. Man, all this anger over one guy. She should really let it go.

Killer Frost’s murderous rampage was opposed by Firestorm. Ironically, Professor Stein was one half of the fused hero. Firestorm tried to turn her back to normal, but never succeeded. Killer Frost eventually died when she tried to absorb Firestorm’s heat and incinerated herself.

Louise Lincoln: Cold Blooded Killer

Guard: “I have a family!”
Killer Frost: “Oh, beg some more. It’s much sweeter that way.”

Young Justice “Terrors” (Season 1, Episode 11)

Killer Frost the second debuted in Firestorm #34 in 1985. Conway and Milgrom were once again the creators.

Louise Lincoln was a friend and colleague of the late Crystal Frost. She found the thermofrost chamber and recreated the lab accident to honor her friend’s memory. Crystal was a scorned woman, but the new Killer Frost was stone cold crazy.

Killer Frost wanted to avenge Crystal’s death by killing Firestorm. She has committed dozens of massacres to get his attention, joined several supervillain teams to overwhelm him, and sold her soul to the demon Neron for more power.

Killer Frost has proven to be an expert manipulator. She once seduced fellow ice-themed supervillain Mister Freeze as part of a plan to become invincible. Another time, she was diagnosed with cancer and convinced Firestorm to cure her. Killer Frost repaid his kindness by going on another killing spree. At least she’s consistent.

Caitlin Snow: Heat Vampire

Killer Frost: The only way I could feel warm, the only way to melt the ice in my veins… was to kill.

Justice League of America: Killer Frost #1

The third and final Killer Frost debuted in Fury of Firestorm: the Nuclear Man #19 in 2013. She was created by Dan Jurgens, who wanted to try a new version of the character for DC’s New 52 imprint.

Dr. Caitlin Snow was a physicist trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. She succeeded when she discovered notes left behind by her deceased mentor, Louise Lincoln. Dr. Snow’s assistants turned on her, revealing themselves to be criminals who wanted to protect their interests in the energy market. They shoved her into her own machine so she would be torn apart.

Dr. Snow freed herself, but was hit by a blast of coolant that mutated her. She gained ice powers, but could no longer produce body heat. She murdered her would-be killers and began wandering the streets.

Killer Frost had to drain people’s body heat to survive. She left scores of victims in her wake, eventually drawing Firestorm’s attention. They fought and Caitlin realized his powers could temporarily cure her. She began searching for him, but was arrested and forced to join the Suicide Squad.

Killer Frost played a major role in the event Justice League vs Suicide Squad. She managed to defeat the Justice League, who had been brainwashed by a demon called Eclipso. To thank her, the League developed a treatment that would keep Frost from having to kill and offered her a spot on the team, which she accepted.

Winter of Discontent: Killer Frost’s Powers and Personality

Caitlin:We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it. [Vibe looks at her] Come on, Breakfast Club? It’s one of the only movies Killer Frost and I agree on.

The Flash “The Flash and the Furious” (Season 5, Episode 10)

All three Killer Frosts have the ability to project cold and absorb heat. They use their powers to create barriers, slides, icicle daggers, weapons, whatever they can imagine. Enemies who try to fight them up close are frozen solid by either a freeze blast or a kiss of death.

Killer Frost’s powers are fueled by the heat she absorbs. Ironically, this means that a refrigerated cell is the best way to contain her. All three incarnations grow weaker when they haven’t absorbed heat, but Caitlin Snow will die if she goes too long without feeding.

Wrap up: Crystal Frost was broken by Professor Stein’s rejection and kills others for revenge. Louise Lincoln is a serial killer who kills and manipulates for her own pleasure. Caitlin Snow hates having to kill to survive and joined the Justice League to atone for her crimes.

The Actors Who Play Killer Frost

Crystal Frost

Sarah Shahi – Young Justice
Kristin Bauer van Straten – Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Louise Lincoln

Jennifer Hale – Justice League, Justice League: Unlimited, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Batman: the Brave and the Bold, Batman: Assault on Arkham

Caitlin Snow

Danica McKellar – DC Superhero Girls
Mena Suvari- Justice League Action
Danielle Panabaker – The Flash

Didya get all that?

DC’s reigning ice queen

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