Etrigan Backstory [April Fool Rhyming Edition]

You may also enjoy the non-rhyming version of this backstory

Etrigan, as you may know,
Is one of DC’s darkest anti-heroes.
He’ll save the day
and innocents flambé,
Grant villains their dreams
Then foil their schemes.
So who is he?
What is his destiny?
Who is this Jason Blood lout?
Well, dear reader, let’s find out.

Sword and Sorcery: Etrigan’s Backstory

Etrigan:Release me, Merlin, from your care
My duty’s done. Tis’ only fair

Justice League Dark

The tale of Etrigan was begun
Within The Demon number one.
This monstrous figure earned his glory
When Jack Kirby wrote and drew his story.

Camelot was besieged by Morgan lé Fay
So Merlin called his brother to join the fray.
Monsters died and brave knights ran
When faced with the demon, Etrigan.

The battle was won, but Camelot died
And Morgan, the traitor, had survived
As stone crumbled and blood ran
Merlin hatched a cunning plan.

He found a warrior who survived the fight
Sir Jason, a brave and noble knight.
Merlin worked his eldritch magic
And began a tale so very tragic.
Imprisoned in the form of a man
Merlin fixed the demon, Etrigan.

The demonic duo traveled the world
And many plots they did unfurl.
Etrigan delighted in causing strife
Torture, mayhem, and loss of life.

Sir Jason accepted the dark deeds
And succumbed to the sin of greed.
Whenever they would pass a village
They’d find another place to pillage.
Their wake was stained, a crimson flood
As stories spread of Jason Blood.

The end of this first act so barmy
Came when they faced an enemy army
Etrigan summoned demons from the pit
And from their bodies limbs were split.
The horrific sight was so bad
That Jason Blood was driven mad.

Blood’s memories Etrigan did erase
And sent him to another place
But because he couldn’t remember the spell
The demon could not escape from Hell.
So once more trapped in the form of man
Was the foolish demon, Etrigan.

Demonic Defender: Etrigan’s History

Etrigan:You know not the fury the demon hath
Let go the girl or face my wrath!

Gentleman Ghost:I think the girl’s safer with me than you, creature.

Batman: the Brave and the Bold “Trials of the Demon” (Season 1, Episode 15)

Jason Blood went from place to place
No longer feared, a common face.
He ended up in Gotham City
A squalid town, so very s***ty.

A master he was on matters occult
So heroes and civilians he would consult.
He was lured to Merlin’s tomb
And found an inscription in a room.
He read it aloud, the foolish man
And freed the demon, Etrigan.

From Hell’s dark pits, Etrigan rose
And found a world of villains and heroes.
For some murderous fun he was frantic
And began countless violent antics.

He fought champions, tempted their foes
Whatever small pleasure he chose.
He even set a precedent
For demons to run for president.
I’ll be kind to you, gentlefolk,
And not reach for a low-hanging joke.

Demons thought Etrigan was swell
And made him into a noble of Hell.
His powers were strengthened at this time
But he was cursed to always rhyme.
A vicious curse! How cruel, I spit!
Damn those demons to the pit!

To become a noble is no small thing
But then I ask “why not be king?”
While facing a villain that Hell did scorn
Etrigan claimed the Crown of Horns.
And so was crowned the enemy of man
On the throne of Hell sat Etrigan.

Etrigan is a loner, that’s a fact
But he isn’t always a solo act.
He once led a group of mystics
warriors, knights, and other cryptics
To wander the globe in search of fights
Those hellish heroes: The Demon Knights.

He was once called in time of need
To join an ersatz Justice League.
Joining the regular team would miss the mark
But he’s a perfect fit for Justice League Dark,
Magical heroes so very fine
Led by one John Constantine.
They travel the world, thwarting vile plans
With help from their ally, the demon, Etrigan.

Hellish Hero: Etrigan’s Powers and Personality

Etrigan:So, Constantine calls once more. Just like a greedy, wanton w-
Constantine:Save the bloody rhymes and chop that git!

Justice League Dark

Etrigan gained much from his demonic sire
Strength and senses, Hell’s dark fire,
Heightened durability and speed
And countless spells to suit his need.

He heals quick and does not age
For such things might dull his rage.
He’s a mighty foe but can be killed
Though you may need a monster slayer’s guild.
His infernal revenge would surely suck
But if you want to try… well, good luck!

Jason Blood is also skilled
Ask all the monsters he has killed.
The callow youth’s fortunes were made
Through his mastery of the blade.
And though that makes him sound like a miser
He soon grew older and much wiser.
A stalwart warrior not prone to flight
A fully trained and valiant knight.

Etrigan’s not an experimental demon
He’s cruel, wicked, and always schemin’.
He’ll deny it until the day he dies
But a spark of good in his heart lies.
Jason Blood may seem dreary
But he’s often feeling world-weary.

Etrigan and Blood’s relationship is strange
And writers frequently make it change.
Their morality isn’t rigid, it’s quite supple
They’re DC Comics’ original odd couple.

The Actors Who Play Etrigan

Billy Zane – The New Batman Adventures
Michael T. Weiss – Justice League, Justice League: Unlimited
Dee Bradley Baker – Batman: the Brave and the Bold, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Patrick Seitz – Justice League Action
Ray Chase – Justice League Dark, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Didya Get All That?

A demon very reluctantly on the side of the angels.

Etrigan image courtesy DC Comics.

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