Netflix Holiday Movie Round-Up


So I promised in a newsletter that I was going to review these Netflix original holiday movies so you would know which ones were worth your time. It was a spontaneous decision, and now I’m stuck with it because a Rewinder always pays her debts. In order to stay sane, however, there will be some rules.

Rule 1

All holiday movies will be reviewed in a vacuum. They will be compared only to each other and given a letter grade. I can’t use the same rating scale for a movie about a time traveling Christmas knight and whatever gets Oscar nominations this year – it isn’t fair to either set of movies. So a closed set it is – holiday movies are judged as holiday movies only.

Rule 2

Wildly improbable premises will not be held against holiday movies. I know, I know – that seems wrong. But they are, by and large, Christmas movies. And as such usually contain at least a little bit of shallow and unconvincing magic – it’s a feature not a bug. See, this is why they can only be compared to each other. We’re just going to assume for the duration that we’ve all put our disbelief high, high on a shelf and it will stay until New Year’s Day.

Rule 3

Each movie will be judged on the following set of merits:

  1. Message
  2. Delivery of message
  3. Cast and performances. This will include attractiveness of cast because we all know that’s a big part of these things. I didn’t make that rule, but by God I’ll abide by it.
  4. Overall feel-goodness.

Rule 4

I will be honor bound to update this post each time I write a review, so that you all can have a single place to go when looking for holiday movie Netflix content. I promise, I will waste my time so that you don’t have to. It’s my holiday gift to you all. You’re welcome. So let’s get on with it.

The Movies (all are streaming on Netflix)

Let It Snow

The Knight Before Christmas

Holiday in the Wild

A Christmas Prince

Merry Happy Whatever

Holiday Rush

Image by mikegi from Pixabay

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