J. Jonah Jameson – Who is Spider-Man’s Ultimate Foe?

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J. Jonah Jameson:Put it up on the front page: “Cash Money For a Picture of Spider-Man!” He doesn’t wanna be famous? Then I’ll make him infamous!

Spider-Man (2002)

The Daily Bugle is in turmoil. New York City has gone mad. Hydra’s soldiers are marching through the streets. The Avengers are desperately fighting a giant monster in the middle of Central Park. A race riot has erupted downtown as civilians attack mutants en masse. Too much is happening too fast to report.

The Bugle’s doors are pushed open as a shout silences the newsroom. Reporters are told to track down information and get it on the front page. Photographers are sent into war zones for pictures. The Bugle’s other employees are ordered to do their jobs or be fired. And as J. Jonah Jameson looks around, he demands someone bring him pictures of this catastrophe’s ringleader: Spider-Man.

Spider-Man faces Marvel’s deadliest rogue’s gallery. Minor thugs like The Vulture and Shocker stand side-by-side with threats like Venom and The Kingpin. But his most persistent enemy doesn’t hide behind a costume or code name. You’ll see his name on every Daily Bugle masthead: J. Jonah Jameson.

So who is Jameson? Why does he hate Spider-Man so much? How has he screwed over Spider-Man through the years? Let’s find out.

Fake News: J. Jonah Jameson’s Backstory

Peter:Spider-Man wasn’t attacking the city, he was trying to save it. That’s slander.
Jameson:It is not. I resent that! Slander is spoken. In print, it’s libel.

Spider-Man (2002)

J. Jonah Jameson debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 in 1963. He was created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, who said that he based Jameson on a supposedly much grumpier version of himself.

Jameson was raised by his war hero uncle, David Jameson. Although the elder Jameson presented a wholesome image to the public, in private he abused his wife and nephew. The torment drove Jonah to believe that every hero had a dark side despite any public persona.

Jameson studied journalism and landed a job at The Daily Bugle. Over time, he rose through the ranks to become the Editor-in-Chief. Jameson used The Bugle to fight for civil rights, anti-gang legislation, and other good causes. Everything was going great for Jameson but then along came a spider.

Spider-Man’s vigilantism became the topic people discussed most. Jameson, already wary of heroes, vigilantes, and masked criminals, became further incensed that Spider-Man drew attention away from his son, astronaut John Jameson. The elder Jameson began a smear campaign against Spider-Man that persists to this day.

Gunboat Journalism: J. Jonah Jameson’s History

Jameson: [talking about The Scorpion] The idea was to create an anti-Spider-Man, who is not a threat and stops menaces. I had no idea he was crazy! Do you think his resume said “psycho with a poisoning fetish?!

Spider-Man (PS4)

Not content with dragging Spider-Man’s name through the mud, Jameson has bankrolled several operations to capture or kill him. He backed the creation of The Scorpion, The Human Fly, and Spencer Smythe’s Spider-Slayers, all of whom eventually became villains. These fiascos cost Jameson a lot of his reputation and earned him an arch enemy in the form of The Scorpion.

Years of chain smoking and Spider-Man-induced stress caught up to Jameson, who suffered a heart attack. While he was recuperating his wife sold the Daily Bugle, leaving Jameson without a job. He ran for and was elected Mayor of New York City. Mayor Jameson was popular at first, but his support evaporated when he raised taxes to fund an anti-Spider-Man task force.

Jameson’s new position reunited him with his estranged father, John Jameson Sr. John met Spider-Man’s Aunt May at a party, and the pair married after a whirlwind romance. Yes, that means J. Jonah Jameson is now Spider-Man’s first cousin. Family dinners are gonna be awkward.

Jameson and Spider-Man eventually decided to hash things out once and for all. After their heart to heart, Spider-Man unmasked and revealed he was Peter Parker. Jameson was enraged by his loyal employee’s double life, but reluctantly agreed to support his crime fighting career.

Spider-Slayer: J. Jonah Jameson’s Powers and Personality

Jameson: [leaning out a window] “Where’s that blasted Peter Parker?! Never around when you need him! Get me a camera, I’ll take the pictures myself! And where are the police? Why aren’t they doing something about this giant menace!? [shakes fist] Watch it, you overgrown lizard! You’re messing with J. Jonah Jameson here!
Godzilla: [growls]
Jameson:Uh oh.”

Godzilla #26

Jameson doesn’t have superpowers or fancy training, but he still has tricks up his sleeve. He’s studied boxing and Tai Chi enough to take down common goons. Jameson has piloted several of Smythe’s Spider-Slayers over the years and keeps older models around for emergencies. His experience even allows him to hack more advanced Spider-Slayers if necessary.

Jameson might be a grumpy, loudmouthed skinflint, but he’s got chutzpah. He’s led countless investigations into Kingpin’s criminal empire, mob politics, corrupt politicians and more. Even being kidnapped or attacked by supervillains didn’t stop him from reporting the news. Jameson was a significant supporter of the Civil Rights movement and is an advocate for Mutant rights.

The Actors Who Play J. Jonah Jameson

Paul Kligman – Spider-Man
David White – Spider-Man (1981)
William Woodson – Spider-Man
Ed Asner – Spider-Man: The Animated Series
Daran Norris – Spectacular Spider-Man.

J.K Simmons – Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man: Far From Home, more

Didya Get All That?

Spider-Man’s most persistent enemy turned ally.

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