When Netflix Releases Don’t Release


Now, you all know that I love Netflix. I was an early, early adopter and have been loyal through every service change, price increase, and magical piece of original content over the past 20 years. But sometimes I get frustrated.

As a lot of you know, each week (okay, more like several times a week) I update Everything Netflix, adding all the new TV and movies coming out both on disc for DVD subscribers and on Instant Streaming so that everyone knows what’s new. Every Thursday, I send out a free newsletter (you can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/bslHED) that links to that page so you all can figure out what you want to watch. It’s a lot of content (which is awesome) and I want to get it right (which is obsessive, but I can’t help it).

For the most part, Netflix is great about announcing when things are going to premier or be available – this is especially true for anything they announce that is going to be streaming. However, their reliability for DVDs has dropped off and it’s driving me a little crazy.

So here’s the deal. Every week I’ll be going back through the DVD releases from the previous week. If they haven’t

mad cat

This cat is me when a show I want doesn’t get released.

actually showed up, I’ll remove them from the list and keep an eye out for when they DO actually arrive. So if you notice things going missing from one week to the next, you’ll know that it’s because something simply did not release when it was supposed to. I’m not at all sure why this happens, and it seems much more common with documentaries and small films I hadn’t heard of. But in the past month I’ve had several major TV series most recent seasons just…not show. And with no indication when they might. All these series have gone to having a release status of “Unknown”. ARGHH!

Obviously there are bigger problems in the world, but in the Movie Rewind world, Netflix mischief is paramount. But for you newsletter subscribers and Everything Netflix devotees (I love you all), never fear. I will keep the list as updated as possible and make sure I check that new releases actually RELEASE!

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