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You Know You Want Them

You know what?  I didn’t even watch the Oscars this year.  How sad is that?  It’s gotten so boring, and I had hardly seen any of the movies.  Now I’m kicking myself because I forgot Neil Patrick Harris was hosting, and that might have been fun.  But I still don’t really, truly regret watching The Walking Dead instead (something actually happened this episode!)  That said, the best thing about awards season is the big pile of movies it gives me to add to my Netflix queue.

Honestly, I always want to see the Oscar nominees, even if they don’t look like my thing in trailers or on paper.  I’ve already seen two of them (sadly, I hated both, but that’s just me) and there are plenty more to come.  Now when I say “on Netflix” here, I’m not talking about these movies being available for Instant Streaming.  An Oscar nominated movie that isn’t a documentary or foreign isn’t going to stream for a good long time.  They do, however, become available on DVD or Blu-Ray for those with disc subscriptions.  Like me.

So here’s what’s what.  I’ll hit the winners and nominees for Best Picture, Lead Actor and Lead Actress.

American Sniper (drama, Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller) – Best Picture nominee, Lead Actor nomination for Bradley Cooper.  Not sure how I feel about this one, but I’ll probably see it.  Still in Theaters

Birdman Poster

Birdman (comedy, Michael Keaton, Zach Galifianakis) – Winner of Best Picture, Lead Actor nomination for Michael Keaton. I’m very much looking forward to seeing this one. Will be Available now on DVD

Boyhood (drama, Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke) – Best Picture nominee.  Hated it – novel concept but boring in the execution. Available now on DVD

The Grand Budapest Hotel (comedy, Ralph Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham) – Best Picture nominee.  This is the second one I hated.  Wes Anderson ruins everything.  Available now on DVD

The Imitation Game (drama, Benedict Cumberbatch) – Best Picture nominee, Lead Actor nomination for Cumberbatch.  The story of tormented genius Alan Turing.  I’m not sure I can bear to watch his misery, but the cast and the story of his contributions to modern technology and the enigma machine may be too much to pass up.  Still in Theaters

Theory of Everything Poster

Selma (drama, David Oyelowo, Tom Wilkinson) –  Best Picture nominee.  My daughter saw this one with her history class and liked it – I’m looking forward to it.  Coming to DVD in May

The Theory of Everything (drama, Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones) – Best Picture nominee, Lead Actor win for Eddie Redmayne, Lead Actress nomination for Felicity Jones.  Another heartbreaking biopic, this time of Stephen Hawking.  But he’s an amazing survivor of a horribly cruel disease, so I think I can do it.  Available now on DVD

Whiplash (drama, Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons) – Best Picture nominee. Not sure I love the concept of the music school/drummer thing, but I love J.K. Simmons. Available now on DVD

Foxcatcher (drama, Channing Tatum, Steve Carell) – Best Actor nomination for Steve Carell.  Based on the true story of a pair of Olympic wrestlers and a psychotic millionaire.  Available now on DVD

Still Alice Poster

Two Days, One Night (foreign drama, Marion Cotillard, Fabrizio Rongione) – Lead Actress nomination for Marion Cotillard.  I don’t know anything about this French drama, or have any information on when it might become available.

Still Alice (drama, Kristen Stewart, Julianne Moore) – Lead Actress win for Julianne Moore.  I read the book and it’s so, so sad.  I’m sure Moore is amazing as the brilliant professor with early onset Alzheimer’s.  Coming to DVD in May

Gone Girl (thriller, Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike) – Lead Actress nomination for Rosamund Pike.  I loved the book, my husband who hadn’t read it loved the movie.  It’s worth seeing either way.  Available on DVD

Wild (drama, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern) – Lead Actress nomination for Reese Witherspoon.  Coming to DVD in April

And there you have it.  Plenty is already available and a lot more coming soon.  I hope my current score of saw two, hated two improves dramatically.  For more Netflix release dates, check out Everything Netflix.

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