Coming Soon – MURPH: The Protector

The Life of a Military Man

We see lots of action movies about war and the military, but we seldom see a portrait of a real soldier.  Especially not a Navy SEAL.  The work they do isn’t really open for public consumption and a lot of them live and die in the shadows.  On March 22nd, you’ll have the chance to see a documentary about one man who gave his life as a Navy SEAL and hear the thoughts of his family, friends and fellow soldiers.

How you feel about MURPH: The Protector is probably going to be largely influenced by how you see military service in general.  Writer/director Scott Mactavish leaves no doubt that his intention is to portray Michael Murphy’s life and death as that of an American hero.  If the military isn’t your thing, the entire endeavor may leave a bad taste in your mouth.  On the other hand, go in with an open mind and you may be surprised at the things you learn about how our armed forces operate during dangerous missions abroad.  Take a look at the trailer – see if the movie might be your cup of tea.


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