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Josh Brolin Buffs Up in Oldboy

I have to admit that I’m completely baffled by the awesomeness of Josh Brolin.  And he is pretty awesome, make no mistake, despite Jonah Hex and Men in Black 3 (that one still makes me shudder a little).  I had no idea that the son of James would turn out to be a really, really good actor.  I’m not surprised that he’s beautiful, just that he’s talented.  But No Country for Old Men made me a believer.  Fun fact: his first movie was The Goonies, all the way back in 1985. In 2013, his presence is often enough to get me to see a movie, even better if it sounds like a decent action thriller.

Oldboy is a remake of a Korean movie about a man who is kidnapped and held prisoner for many years, with no explanation and no idea who

Josh Brolin by Luke Ford

The inexplicably talented Josh Brolin.

did this or why.  When he’s released (again with no explanation) everything goes all actiony as he looks for answers and revenge.  This sounds pretty faithful to the original, but the devil is in the details, so we’ll see.  I’m not a huge fan of remakes, but make an exception when the remake is going from subtitles with actors I have never heard of to English with Buff Brolin.  I’m shallow like that.  Anyway, before all of the revenge bits, Mr. B decides it’s time to get rid of his beer gut and we, the lucky audience, get to watch him muscle up – and we get this little featurette that includes his sweaty torso and his naked tushy.  What more can you ask from 46 seconds?

Oldboy opens November 27th, until then, enjoy.

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