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Mother’s Day Avengers

No one could argue that I’m outside your typical superhero movie demographic.  Not male, not particularly young and not at all versed in comic book lore.  Yet in the past week I’ve been on a superhero binge.

Why?  Because I’m going to see The Avengers for Mother’s Day!  This is my choice, mind you, not one of those “let’s give Mom something we actually want” sort of things.  I want to see what all the fuss is about.  Also, I want my Robert Downey, Jr. fix (I’m only human).  So even though it isn’t at all what I would call a Mom Movie, it’s this mom’s movie of choice.

In preparation for the big event, I’ve consumed more superhero celluloid in the past week than I have, probably, in the

Incredible Hulk

The Hulk of my youth

past year.  I heard that The Avengers would be more fun if I knew the back story of the characters.  Now, I’ve already seen Iron Man and Iron Man 2 (thank you, RDJ), and know the basics of the Hulk character (thank you, Bill Bixby).  But I was completely unfamiliar with Captain America and Thor.  Well, not completely on Thor, but the comic book world is different than the one I learned about in college mythology classes.  Go figure.

So I indulged in viewings of both Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor and have to say, enjoyed them both.  Keep in mind, I didn’t go into them expecting all that much.  Just some big dumb fun with explosions and costumes.  And that’s more or less what I got.  Captain America was the weaker of the two, only because I can’t say I really cared for Chris Evans’ performance all that much, whereas I definitely thought Chris Hemsworth looked to be having fun with the role of Thor.  I also thought the visuals in Thor were pretty marvelous – but the story certainly gave the filmmakers more to work with in that respect.

So all things considered I’ve enjoyed my superhero binge so far and am looking forward to its completion later today.  Will The Avengers live up to the super-hype of years of prequels, massive marketing, Samuel L. Jackson’s coolness and record breaking box office numbers?  We shall see, Moms, we shall see.

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