Way Back Home

Artistic Trick Cycling Movie = Completely Cool

Anyone who’s ridden a bicycle knows that gravity is your omnipresent nemesis, constantly challenging and occasionally punishing.  Most of us accept this reality, but there are others who just view gravity as a minor inconvenience, pretending it doesn’t even exist.  Danny MacAskill is one of those people.   A professional trials cyclist from Scotland, he spends his time devising new and dangerous ways to ride his bike over any and all obstacles, natural or man-made.

Combine MacAskill’s world class bike handling with the cinematic skills of his friend Dave Sowerby and you have the short movie, Way Back Home.   In just over seven minutes, the cyclist travels form Edinburgh to his hometown on the Island of Skye, traversing some of the most beautiful countryside that Scotland has to offer.

Complemented by an inspiring soundtrack, Sowerby’s cinematography and editing are truly phenomenal, creating a film that even non-cyclists will find impressive.  As for MacAskill’s cycling stunts, you simply have to see them to believe them.  He does things on a bike that appear to violate most of the laws of classical physics.  During the film, you can almost see the gears ticking over in his head as he plans his next gravity defying feat.

Artistry on a bike complemented by artistry behind the camera.   Take a moment to check it out – and do yourself a favor, watch it on full screen.

Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home” from Dave Sowerby on Vimeo.

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