2012 Oscar Movies – Moneyball

Three Down, So Many More to Go

I had no intention of seeing Moneyball.  Nothing about the trailers or descriptions sparked my interest.  I’m not much of a professional sports fan to begin with, why would I want to spend even 2 hours inside the guts of the 2002 Oakland As baseball team?  Answer – I didn’t.

But…then it landed an Oscar nomination.  And in my quest to be as OCD as possible before the broadcast I knew I would have to suffer through it.  Lucky for me it’s already out on DVD – I didn’t have to search for it at some art house or discount theater (yes, I am looking at you, The Artist).  Also lucky for me, it’s a whole lot better than I expected.

I really like Brad Pitt and the variety of roles he’s chosen over the years.  He’s avoided the pretty boy romantic comedy trap and delved into much greater depth in his movie choices.  As he gets older that is really serving him well.  He’s proved his ability to act, carry a movie and not just be a face on the screen.  His looks don’t matter in Moneyball – those are the roles I like best.  He’s not a psycho like in Kalifornia, but it’s still nice to see the man act instead of being asked to simply pose.  He earned a Best Actor nomination with this role.

Also nominated (along with the movie itself) is Jonah Hill.  I haven’t seen a serious Jonah Hill before and he does a nice job with the role.  He isn’t amazing – I think it’s the departure from the norm that scored him the best Supporting Actor nod – but he does well with a part that involves neither sex jokes or fat jokes.  Nicely done, Mr. Hill.

You can find my full review here.  This makes three Best Picture nominees down, six to go.  I’m still hoping that one of them knocks my socks off.  Next up?  The Help.

2012 Oscar nominees reviewed:


War Horse


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