Wicksboro Incident


Mockumentary Aliens

Main Cast: Bobby Harwell, Kyle Nudo, Dan Brinkle

Director: Richard Lowry

This little tale on paranoia (or is it?) and the cliché aliens among us is highly amusing, brought to us by three main actors and a modest budget. No spectacular special effects, big fight scenes, or even beautiful women. how can it be good?

Well, by telling a good story. It all centers on Lloyd (Harwell), a strangely believable old man who details his past history at the beginning of the “documentary”. He tells of secret labs, strange experiments on electronic equipment, and the complete destruction of a small town in Texas: Wicksboro. The two young guys filming his story really don’t believe him, especially when he brings out a cheesy “alien detector”. It just seems all too crazy for words.

But then strange things begin to happen on their journey, of course, and the doubts slowly fade away. But by then is it too late?

I loved this little flick because it is small, tight, tells a story, and pokes fun at the whole alien abduction cult in a sly way. Again, it isn’t much, and not much happens except for a lot of talking and driving around in a car, but it is cleverly done and blows the king of these cheap “docs”, Blair Witch, away. I recommend this one over that any day.

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