Rollin’ On Home

Main Cast: Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, Jamie Gertz

Director: Jan de Bont

I won’t make any bad puns about being “blown away” or anything to do with “twisting the night away.” I’m above that sort of thing.

The movie centers on Jo (Hunt) and Bill (Paxton), two “twister chasers” who travel around the US searching for hurricanes and the twisters. When the movie begins they are having relationship problems (to put it mildly, he has divorce papers he needs signed), which adds some tension to the dialogue between chase scenes. The action, refreshingly lacking any fistfights or gunplay, is pretty exciting and the effects are top-notch.

Can a movie be made up of people driving around looking for these powerful forces of nature? Sure. Any human drama requires some plot to keep the story moving, and this is as good as any. Better than some even. The supporting cast is good, with the requisite few quirky characters along for the ride.

Good film. A bit over the top and unbelievable at the end, but the action keeps on truckin’ and the story holds together. Well made.

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