Twisted, Indeed!

Main Cast: Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia, David Strathairn

Director: Philip Kaufman

This dark police drama descends into the dirty depths of the human soul, revealing revenge, domination, anger, and despair. Jessica Shephard (Judd) is a wild young police officer, recently promoted to detective in the San Fransisco police department. She’s very good but suffers from bouts of anger- displayed at the very beginning of the story (never mind the scum deserved it). She also drinks herself to sleep much too often for it to be healthy, or wise.

A body washes on shore and it’s a bit of a shock when it turns out to be a guy she picked up one night for a little bit of sex. Then another body, and another one-night stand lover. Could this be a serial killer?

Ms. Judd once again co-stars with a strong, distinguished actor; this time it’s Samuel L. Jackson as Police Commissioner John Mills, an old family friend who took over raising Jessica when her parents died (and that’s part of the story as well, another facet of our heroine’s personality problems). And lastly there is Mike Delmarco (Garcia), an older detective who takes her on as a new partner.

The plot is very good and moves along briskly, without sacrificing character development… not too shabby. While the events leading up to the ending seem rushed and slightly implausible, it still works. The acting is solid and engaging. This film has a sad, slightly angry feel to it, but as a police thriller it works very well.

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