Cave, The

Climbin’ In The Dark

Cast: Cole Hauser, Eddie Cibrian, Morris Chestnut, Lena Headey

Director: Bruce Hunt

Here is an action film down below: no, not in Australia, but deep within the Earth. In a bunch of caves, to be exact. There is also a lot of underwater swimming involved, so when you have all these things together, who do you call? The experts!

They are led by Jack (Hauser), he of bottom-line and clipped emotions. His brother is a bit more charismatic, and indeed turns out to be the film’s main protagonist. The antagonists are a bunch of flying, gargoyle-like creatures that live in the caves. They seem to have human intelligence and knock off the young actors one at a time. But I guess I should touch on the plot.

Aww, why bother? It’s about getting them down into the caves so that the monster things can stalk and kill them. We just have to figure out who is slated to be killed, and I was actually pleasantly surprised in one case who escaped. One who did not is the character played by Piper Perabo (I just love her name!). I’m a bit sad because she looked very nice in her Tomb Raider-type outfit. Oh, well!

If you like action/horror movies where a bunch of young folks go into dark places and, one by one, are killed, then you’ll like this offering. Only the location (deep dark caves with waterfalls and the like) is unique.

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