Team America: World Police

American Dream, South Park Version

Main Cast: Voices of Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Elle Russ, Dian Bachar

Director: Matt Stone and Try Parker

Otherwise the plot (if I can use the term, it is so riddled with intentional cliches as to mock the very word) rolls along with almost non-stop action, pausing only a few times for musical interludes (and, as the main boss, the leader of North Korea even gets a soul-rending lament). Much of it works, and works well, with only a few stumbles (the throw-up scene goes on too long and the suck-scene near the end wasn’t necessary) but I applaud the creators for at least keeping completely non-politically correct. It offends on so many levels, which in this case is a high compliment.

Did I like it? Hard to say. Puppets aren’t exactly my favorite thing to watch, and most of the time I wasn’t seeing the movie but analyzing the special effects: how the puppets moved, how they got the cats to do what they wanted, and admiring the miniature sets. I would say go see it, conditionally: if you don’t want to be offended, don’t see it. Otherwise, go with an open mind and laugh at the satirical barbs.

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