Suspect Zero

Expect Zero Plot

Main Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Ben Kingsley, Carrie-Anne Moss

Director: E. Elias Merhige

Plot Summary: A haunted FBI agent moves into a new office in the south-west and is immediately drawn into the plot of a serial killer. The killer knows his name and, while the agents try to puzzle out his mysterious faxes, he strikes again.

This take on the police drama/serial killer is full of unique locations, haunting music and sounds, and crazed camera angles. The director pulled out all the stops in trying to spice up a somewhat thin and predictable plot, and in the whole he was successful. But not completely. Too bad, as the character of Agent Mackelway could have been more interesting if the writers had folded him into another level. But they didn’t, and he suffers because of it.

The acting is solid but not spectacular, except for Ben Kingsley as Benjamin O’Ryan. He is fingered quite early as a strange man, so it’s no surprise that he pops up again and again to bedevil the FBI agents. His story is more interesting, and I really would have liked to spend more time with him. But the camera keeps focus on Mackelway and Fran Kulok (Moss), his ex-partner and holder of the mystery behind his headaches and the reason he was sent down to Albuquerque.

As stated in the summary, there are a series of murders. There is no surprise in a few of them, as we see who is responsible. But the reason behind the killings doesn’t come out until the end, when we are suppose to sympathize with a character that hasn’t been all that sympathetic until now. And while that character does kill, other murders that someone else have done are far more chilling. But that killer doesn’t pop up until the very end, and seems quite ordinary in comparison to the main antagonist.

I suppose this could be an enjoyable few hours, if you don’t mind a walk on the predictable side. Ben Kingsley is the reason to see the flick, and if you don’t enjoy his work, I suggest you look elsewhere.

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