Spider-Man 2

Web Crawler, Part Deux

Main Cast: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Alfred Molina, James Franco

Director: Sam Rami

Why mess with something that works? Fortunately, that’s what director Sam Raimi must have been thinking when he put together this wonderful movie. Not only does it build on the first, it adds subtle touches and deepens the feel of the Spiderman world.

This time around our favorite hero is struggling with real life. There are consequences to his nightly gig and Peter Parker (Maguire) is growing tired of them. Maybe it would be easier for him to just give up the whole hero thing altogether. He struggles with it, as his life slowly crumbles. Mary Jane Watson (Dunst) is seeing someone else, he is slipping in school, he lives in a very… non-hero apartment, and he isn’t making money at his job(s).

All heroes need a crisis, of course, and Peter does eventually pass through his. But Maguire handles the job superbly, with just the right amount of frustration and wry humor to show that Peter is a regular guy (except for his powers). Speaking of his powers, they seem to fade in and out, almost in tune with his darkest self-doubts. Hmm…

Peter’s friend Harry (Franco) is back, and still hunting for Spiderman. He enlists the aid of a scientist in his stable (Molina), who has built a “localized sun” and hopes to gain unlimited energy for the good of mankind. This wouldn’t be an action film without something going wrong, and it does, and a new villain Dr. Octopus is born. Or should I say, his limbs, but- never mind. The movie takes off from there and travels briskly to the final confrontation. MJ is put into danger, and finally, finally! at the end Peter admits to her why he had to push her away. Very satisfying. I’m glad that angst is over, and we can move on.

All in all, I think this outing is much better than the first. For once, the hype is accurate. This is a very good

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