Sleepy Hollow


Hold On To Your Head

Main Cast: Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Miranda Richardson, Michael Gambon

Director: Tim Burton

A pretty good dark comedy, this isn’t the Disney version by a long shot. Keeping tongue firmly in cheek, the tone of the movie is horror and blood soaked, but strangely fascinating and full of wry little touches.

The story concerns Mr. Crane (Depp), an investigator who is forced to accept an assignment out in the small village of Sleepy Hollow, where some type of murderer is plying his trade. He’s told that it is a headless horseman, but Crane is steeped in science and, at first, does not believe such a thing could exist. But the bodies start to pile up, and more than a touch of the supernatural enters the case. He befriends (Ricci), the daughter of the mayor, and together they try to sort out the mystery.

Mr. Depp brings his own interpretation, as always, to the character of Ichabod. Both nervous and stuttering, he tries without success to stick with science when it is apparent that, indeed, a headless horseman is doing the deeds. I must admit I enjoyed one scene where he hides behind a local boy while going into a spooky cave… yes, he plays that type of character!

But later he gets a backbone, sort of, and there are a number of exciting encounters with the spirit, and a wonderful chase through the woods where he does a better job… or at least shows a smidgen of courage. At the end the mystery is cleared up, but not without many deaths and many close shaves.

This is a pretty good take on the tale. Depp brings his own quirky personality to the role, and coupled with Ricci (an offbeat personality herself!) lifts this movie up from a simple horror/slasher. Not a bad way to spend some free time, and be sure to watch it with the lights turned off.

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