A Refreshingly New Hero

Main Cast: Voices of: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow

Director: Andrew Adamson

shrekZany, hilarious, and a hard jab at the happy-happy fairy-tale bliss of many other movies, Shrek breaks new ground in this tired genre with an unique new “hero”. This hero is Shrek, an ogre who just wants to be left alone in his swamp home. But that is not to be: apparently Lord Farquaad (Lithgow) is persecuting all fairy-tale creatures and they see the swamp as a perfect refuge.

Dismayed, Shrek travels to the lord’s castle, accompanied by Donkey (Murphy), to petition the noble to get rid of his uninvited guests. The lord offers a trade: he will get rid of the ogre’s visitors if Shrek will rescue Princess Fiona (Diaz). Oh yes, she is high atop a tower guarded by a fierce dragon.

The rest of the movie charts Shrek’s progress as he assaults the tower, rescues the princess, and takes her back to Farquaad’s castle. Along the way they meet up with other fantasy figures (both famous and not) and have many amusing adventures. Relentlessly non-cute and charming in its semi-sarcastic look at old fairy tales, this comedy is perfect viewing for the whole family and is definitely a must-see for everyone.

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