Shaun of the Dead

Ooooo, Zombies

Main Cast: Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield, Lucy Davis, Nick Frost

Director: Edgar Wright

Shaun of the DeadThis zombiementary (sort of a mock of all the other zombie movies to date) hits with a meaty zombie punch and gnaws on your funny bone. It focuses on Shaun (Pegg), a relatively clueless normal bloke who is having problems with his girlfriend Liz (Ashfield). He gets help (if that’s the word) from his best friend Ed (Frost) and tries to do the good thing but isn’t very successful. Meanwhile, some sort of infection/radiation/outbreak/whatever (it is never made clear) turns everyone else in London into zombies.

It is hilarious how Shaun is completely oblivious to the zombies for the first quarter of the flick (being totally self-focused and, well, a bit of a zombie himself). Finally he and Ed are attacked and the race is on, to both find his girlfriend and rescue his mother. The producers manage to cram in as many references to other zombie flicks as they can, and if they missed one, it was a mighty obscure film. The action is bloody and a few scenes will make the squeamish squirm, but mostly it is a comedy and acts like one. I particularly enjoyed Shaun and Ed’s fight over their music collection, which ones to save and which to throw at the zombie’s heads.

Definitely see this one if you like horror movies and/or English comedies… there is a good mix of them both. So go be a zombie and stare at the screen already.

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