The Sins of Insanity

Cast: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman

Director: David Fincher

I believe “brooding” and “melancholy” are two words that best fit the overall feel of Se7en. A slick cop thriller, the premise is that a serial killer has decided to punish specific persons matching the seven deadly sins: Greed, gluttony, sloth, pride, wrath, lust, and envy.

Somerset (Freeman), an old and distinguished detective, is paired up with Mills (Pitt), a hotshot new to the city. Somerset is on the verge of retirement and initially does not want to get involved in such a sordid case. He senses evil and a long road, and he is weary of his job. Mills, too, would like to see the old cop go, feeling that he alone can handle the case. But fate seems to have other plans for them, and they form a tentative friendship during the investigation of the case. Mills new wife (Paltrow) also senses the goodness locked behind Somerset’s cold exterior, and tries to keep him interested in the case.

I enjoyed this thoughtful addition to the genre. It has moments of violence and scenes of horror, but Freeman keeps things grounded and centered with his performance. Pitt is volatile and full of fire, which is a good counter to the more sedate Freeman. The plot, while perhaps a touch implausible in a few minor ways, is mostly solid and, as usual for good movies, the twist at the end may not be the one you expect.

I can definitely recommend Se7en to lovers of thrillers/police mysteries. Haunting and touched with a cold, rational evil, it touches on what man really is and how far he has come from other animals.

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