Resident Evil

Make Yourself At Home

Main Cast: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Mabius, James Purefoy

Director: Paul Anderson

This horror/sci-fi flick is pretty good as these things go. We are introduced to the Umbrella Corporation, aptly named as 9 out of 10 households apparently have at least one of their products. Then we scoot down to some sort of laboratory/office complex, where genetic engineering and other top-secret stuff is going on. Something bad happens, and the people are mostly killed by the controlling computer system.

Flash up to some sort of mansion, where a woman (Jovovich) wakes up in the shower. Fortunately (or not, as the case may be) she has the curtain and then a robe to hide all the naughty bits, which she dons with great haste, apparently to foil the nonexistent observer. She wanders the place until a group of military types break in and capture her and some other man. The commander explains that the mansion is a sham, and her and the man are actually security types there to guard the entrance to “the Hive”, the laboratory/office complex deep underground. Something bad happened and they were sent to find out what.

The group takes a train down to the base and that’s where things start happening. They manage to turn off the main computer, although the AI warns them not to do it and “you all are going to die”. Perhaps they should have listened to it. Many of the soldiers are killed, leaving a few behind, including one with a perfect kick-butt attitude (Rodriguez, who was excellent in Blue Crush). Much action ensues when they try to escape and find out that the employees don’t take death as a reason to lie still and not make trouble.

This one is kinda goofy, with many shock-o-rama! moments (when the sound track goes ape, and some dead guy may or may not suddenly appear behind the featured person), and some nice twists in the plot, but all in all, I liked it and can recommend it for an easy night’s entertainment with friends and family.

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